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Phoenix Consulting, llc is an environmental consulting firm that provides litigation support, retail services for homeowners, and project management services to a diverse group of clients consisting of real estate developers, law firms, architects, planners, municipalities, environmental organizations, and consulting firms. Our success is driven by high technical standards coupled with honest and direct communication. The expertise, accessibility, and accountability of senior staff have provided the basis for strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Adherence to our core set of values and unwavering commitment to data-driven solutions is the reason for our reputation as one of the most respected environmental consulting firms within the five boroughs of NYC, NJ, and the Hudson Valley.


Phoneix's unique ability to provide strong, sustainable, workable solutions to all projects, particularly problem projects, is due to our founding belief in honest and direct communication that has fostered strong, confident relationships with both clients and industry regulators. Our multidisciplinary, team-oriented environment enhances Phoenix's reputation for producing high-quality, technically sound products that are the foundation for our client relationships. Phoneix's principle has held a unique place in the environmental consulting market for over 15 years.

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